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On this page I have set out some useful information on how to prepare your Selkirk Rex for shows and which grooming products I like to use with suggested stockists for those products.  If you have any questions or would like any assistance on how to get the best out of your show presentation I am always happy to assist.


Selkirk Rex cats have a unique coat which is soft with random unstructured curls.  In the shorthairs this gives a gorgeous plushy teddy bear feel and in the longhairs the soft almost ringlet type curls can be simply show stopping.   The coat should never feel crisp or dry and you should not be able to detect product on the coat.  Stiff ringlet curls obtained by use of products is not the desired effect.

Presentation of Selkirks is so important as correct preparation to show your cat off at its best can affect the way a judge places the cats in their classes. I’m now in my sixth year of showing this wonderful breed and over those 6 years have experimented quite a bit until I have found a routine which works for me and my cats.   I really enjoy the grooming and preparation of my curlies as the compliments from the judges make the effort worthwhile even if we have not had such a good day at a show!
So I have written about what I do for a show although you may need to play about and experiment to get your perfect routine.
My show bathing kit contains the following products:
·        Jerob Shampoos – Snowy Blue for whites/silvers, Mahogany for my reds and tabbies and Black In for blacks. I also use the Texturising Shampoo
·        Jerob Texturising Spray
·        Ring 5 Bright White shampoo – for those stubborn stains
·        Tigi Pet Head Furtastic Crème Rinse for Longcoated/Curly Dogs
·        Eye Envy lotion for removing tear stains
·        A normal plastic vent hair brush, a Denman Triple Comb and a metal Greyhound comb
1.                  I bath all my cats by using the shower head over the bath. Which day you bath will depend on your cats but I tend to do shorthairs four days before the show and longhairs two days before the show. Clip claws and clean their ears (and if you have a longhair then remove any knots using your comb) before bathing and make sure you have your towels and shampoos all to hand with the shampoos diluted as per the instructions on the bottle.
2.                  First of all wet the coat thoroughly and do your first shampoo (I use the Snowy Blue/Mahogany Gold/Black In or Bright White for this first shampoo and make sure you get the coat thoroughly clean and rinsed.
3.                  I then do my second shampoo using either the Texturising shampoo or the Pet Head shampoo – it’s best to experiment and find out what works for your cats. My current favourite is the Pet Head shampoo as I find it gives great curl definition and leaves the coat soft and bouncy. Make sure the water is running clear of bubbles before you finish the bath.
4.                  Then towel dry your cat making sure you squeeze as much excess water out of the coat. Then run your fingers through the coat to lift it from the body before starting drying. Don’t use a comb or brush at this stage. I blow dry my kittens until nearly dry and the adults go in a wire carrier with two small fan heaters to dry off. Don’t over dry the cats as this can cause heat damage to their coats. I let them go in the ‘dryer’ until about they are about two-thirds dry.
5.                  Again the next step is where you experiment. I don’t do any more preparation on my cats’ coats again until the night before or the morning of the show.   Using the triple comb or the plastic vent brush comb against the growth lifting the fur at the roots and taking great care around the backs of the ears, armpits and trousers. This helps separate the curls and ‘fluff’ the coat without losing the curl definition. Finish off with a light spritz of the texturising spray and scrunch the curls with your fingers.
6.                  Check the ears again for cleanliness and use Eye Envy to remove any tear stains and pat dry with a clean tissue.
Once you have finished your cat should look and smell gorgeous, fluffy and curly and definitely stand out in the crowd!


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