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Having recently become a forever mum to six year old Ozzie, a blue and white selkirk rex and Ellie, a lilac and white british shorthair, I want to find out as much as I can about the breeds, especially the selkirk rex. I am amazed how affectionate and loving they both are, it seems they have been with me since birth.
One thing I would love to know is what is it about the selkirk rex that gives them a grumpy look at times and then the most beguiling round eyed innocence in a flash.
I love the pictures of your cats and wish to every success.
Posted by Terry Tribe on 31 January 2013
Welcome to the Selkirk Fan Club Terry!

Selkirks are real clowns and so expressive - I love their purrsonalities xxx
Posted by Sarah on 31 January 2013
Hello Sarah,
This is from the Netherlands. I love your cats,especcialy the longhair selkirk. I like amazolou mr brightside, he looks lovely. Good luck with your cats.

Posted by Karen on 22 January 2012
in love....
Hello Sarah!
I realize that I have not put a word in your LO.
I just wanted to tell you that you have beautiful cats and I am a great lover of Mister B. ... This cat has for me a charm that I can not explain ... Lots of hugs to him!
Posted by Chantal on 11 July 2011
Прекрасные питомцы
У вас прекрасные питомцы.Я живу на Украине и у нас такого качества котов еще нет.Обязательно постараюсь приобрести у вас котенка, когда буду к этому готова.
Posted by Лена. on 30 January 2011
Sarah - what lovely pictures of your guys - they are so stunning and you must be very proud of them.

I love the pictures of Portia :wub:

Linda xx
Posted by Linda Nicholls on 03 January 2011
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