The Girls

The girls live indoors with free run of the house as part of the family ruling the roost quite happily over their adoring slaves the male neuters.  As is typical of this breed they are cute, cuddly and love to help me out with the housework and anything else I am doing including sitting on the computer keyboard and joining me in the shower!! 

My aim is to breed healthy happy bouncing babies with excellent temperaments whilst also hoping to achieve the best Selkirk type at the same time.  Selkirks really are addictive and a wonderful breed to own and seem to totally charm people instantly!

I currently have two breeding girls at breeding and two young girls who I hope will breed in the future.  I do not breed huge numbers of kittens and for this reason kittens are often reserved before they are born but any available kittens will appear in the kitten nursery with pictures and details.  


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