**Information about Boucles Kittens**

Please read this page to find out more about how our kittens are reared and other useful information if you are considering one of our kittens.  If I do not have any kittens available I may know someone who does so please feel free to contact me on bouclesselkirkrex@gmail.com.


Why should every home have a Selkirk Rex?

Selkirks are highly sociable cats and love to live in pairs and small groups.  I always refer to them as dogs in 'cats clothing' as they are very personable and highly inquisitive in everything that their person is doing.  They are wonderful with children particularly the kittens as they will play for hours and then curl up and purr away to their hearts content - perfect companions for small children, teenagers and adults alike! 

They are very laid back and easy to live with and despite their appearance are very low maintenance as far as grooming goes.  They are very intelligent and 'trainable'.  One of my neuters Mister F will run to sit by the phone when it rings and will also run to the front door and mew when the post arrives.

Selkirk Rex are best suited to indoor homes or secure safe outdoor access - they are not suited to a free roaming existence as they really are too soft and dopey to be roadsafe.  If you want an outdoor cat which will be allowed to freeroam then a Selkirk Rex is not for you.

If however the idea of having one of these wonderfully loyal and affectionate cats entrances you - all I can say is no home is complete without one!


How are Boucles Kittens brought up?

Boucles kittens are raised indoors and subjected to the normal hustle and bustle of life including hoovering and loud music and regular baths! They are fed a good quality varied diet and given lots of love and attention as they grow up so you will be buying a well adjusted bundle of fluff.  My kittens are well socialised both with people and with other cats - they also have the run of the house once they are old enough and have had their vaccinations so that they have experienced life as it will be in their new homes before they leave.   They do not mix with my cats who go to shows so there is no risk of them being infected by any bug picked up inadvertently at a show.

I put great emphasis on breeding for health and type and temperament. As a result I am very proud to say Boucles kittens are known for their lovable and laidback temperaments and chunky cuddly physiques.


When can my kitten come home?

All my kittens leave home after they have reached 13 weeks of age and will be completely weaned and litter trained. They will be vaccinated, defleaed, wormed, insured and registered with either GCCF and/or TICA on the non active register (not for breeding).  They all receive two health checks by a vet prior to leaving and bring with them a bag full of goodies including food and toys to help them settle into their new home.  As of 2014 all pet kittens are neutered at 12 weeks prior to leaving for their new homes ~ kittens recover much more quickly at this age and you can rest easy knowing you can concentrate on loving and enjoying your new pet without worrying about scheduling the operation at 6 months or so. 

Boucles kittens come with a lifetime of support and advice from me - it gives me great pleasure when their new families stay in touch and send photos - I am always interested in their news!  As a result many of my kitten owners have now become good friends.  I am always at the other end of an email or telephone call and if for any reason things should not work out with your Boucles kitten I will always take them back.


Do you sell kittens for breeding?

All my kittens are registered on the Non-Active register as pets unless discussed and agreed with me prior to them leaving home.    Please be honest with me if you wish to breed so that we can discuss the possibility or I can put you in touch with other breeders who may have a suitable kitten.   Pet or show neuter homes are preferred and any breeding kittens will be sold subject to a stringent breeding contract which will be enforced and will include restrictions on being able to sell kittens on the active register in order to protect the integrity of the breed.

Please expect to have to demonstrate your commitment to the breed and show a genuine desire to help further and improve the breed if you approach me for a breeding cat.   Breeding is not a way of making money but a labour of love which is an expensive but immensely rewarding hobby.

I am willing to export kittens abroad but will only consider this to breeders who are known or come recommended to me.  I use a reliable and experienced lady, who has been breeding and shipping cats for many years, to handle the paperwork and organise the flights.  As I travel to France several times a year I can also arrange delivery to France with ease.  Please note I will not ship cats to certain countries and my cats welfare is my priority.  I do not sell to the Far East because of the differences in animal husbandry and the difficulty in monitoring my cats welfare from such a distance.


I've decided a Selkirk is for me - how can I reserve a kitten?

First of all please email or telephone me and tell me a bit about yourself and your family and homelife and what you are looking for.  You might be looking for a kitten now or one in the future.  I will then suggest a visit to meet me and my cats or to meet the kittens once they are old enough for visitors.  Please note I only have one or two litters a year and as such you may have to wait some time before a Boucles baby can join you.  If you would prefer not to wait then I can recommend other breeders.

I prefer new families to meet their potential kitten and be absolutely sure of a perfect match before reserving a kitten.  With this in mind I will not take a deposit on a kitten until you have come and met them and my family of cats and a decision has been made.  I am however very happy to place a kitten on hold until you are able to visit meaning that subject to you and the kitten falling in love with each other, that kitten will not be offered to anyone else in the meantime.  Please note I will not take deposits and reserve kittens before they are six weeks old.

Once you have decided on which kitten you would like to join you, I require a £200 non refundable deposit to reserve them.   Once a kitten has been reserved I will keep you updated with weekly photos and reports on your new family member until they are old enough to join you.  You are also welcome to come and visit them again during that time.

In accordance with GCCF regulations no Boucles baby will leave home until they are  at least 14 weeks old and will be  neutered (unless sold on the active register), vaccinated, wormed and health checked by a vet twice and come with their own 'suitcase' full of goodies to help them settle in with you.   Prices (as at Summer 2020) start from £800 for neutered pet kittens and from £1,250 for breeding cats but these vary dependent on the individual litters and the quality/pedigree of the kittens.  Pet passports and TICA certified pedigrees can be arranged and provided at additional cost.

**Please note I no longer operate a waiting list due to the fact I breed only very occasionally.  Kittens will be offered for new homes no earlier than 6 weeks old and will appear on our kittens available page**




**You can view our available kittens and see planned matings on the Kitten Nursery page**



Amazolou Mr Brightside
Amazolou Mr Brightside
Softee as a young kitten shortly after he joined Boucles from the Amazolou Cattery
Amazolou The New Schmoo
Amazolou The New Schmoo
Schmooey as a 4 month old kitten showing what a shorthaired Selkirk can look like at this age. Schmooey joined Boucles from Amazolou in 2008.
Boucles Macavity
Boucles Macavity
Boucles Mr Mistoffelees
Boucles Mr Mistoffelees
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