The Boys

The boys outnumber the girls here at Boucles as I owned show neuters before starting breeding.  My boys all get on very well and live happily together in a large enclosure with heated house.  The neuter boys joining them out there during the day to bird watch and enjoy fresh air.  It's a testament to the breed and my boys amazing temperaments that the entire boys live happily together in pairs.

All my stud boys have been proven on the show bench and have outstanding temperaments.  My four current boys are all related to my foundation Amazolou Mr Brightside who is pictured below at 11 months old.

Softee has left an amazing legacy for the breed being both an outstanding show cat and a very successful sire.  He was the first Selkirk Rex Longhair Cat International Winner and Lifetime Acheivement Winner with TICA in the history of the breed.  This feat has only been replicated by his grandson Boucles Monsieur Incroyable who is a definite chip off the old block.

Imp Gr Ch, LOOF Int Ch & LA BW SGC and Gr Pr & RW BW SGCA Amazolou Mr Brightside



I currently have 5 Selkirk boys all of whom I show occasionally and have had success with on the show bench.  TICA DGCA Catbalu Quando has made his contribution to breed progression being the 5th Qualifying Cat for Championship progression with the GCCF and as he is now appraoching 6 years old he is mainly retired but I do bring him out very occasionally to support breed shows and local TICA shows.  He has a wonderful loving nature and has been shown once as a pedigree pet with GCCF winning the MC certificate and Best of Group award.

The other 3 neuters, Mister F, Schmoo, Moosh and my entire boy Softee all enjoy their outings and are working up the title ladders with both GCCF and TICA, enjoying great success.  You can see more about their achievements on the Roll of Honour page.  They are also fabulous loving cuddly boys who love visitors, lounging around the house and playing with the kittens.  Schmoo in particular is a wonderful uncle taking great care of the kittens.

You can read more about the boys and see photos on their individual pages and read about their show careers on the show pages and Roll of Honour!




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